Flexible Pavement Design

A flexible pavement is also called an asphalt pavement or Tarmac. Flexible pavement is composed of three or four layers. A four-layer flexible pavement includes a surface course, a base course and a sub-base course laid over a compacted subgrade. A three-layer flexible pavement omits the sub-base layer and places the base course directly on…

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Rigid Pavement Construction

Rigid pavements are often used for the construction of airport runways and major highways, including those in the highway system of the United States. They are also used for industrial applications such as harbor yard pavements, heavy vehicle parking locations and terminal pavements. Function and Design A rigid pavement is designed withstand all types of…

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Sustainable Pavements Program

To extend the lifespan of pavements and highways, there are several sustainable pavement programs that have been adopted in different parts of the world. These programs contribute to the sustainability and optimization of pavement serviceability. Sustainable pavement programs also help to reduce costs in the long run. While sustainable pavement programs have a lot of…

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