Planning and Development: Environmental Assessment Impact

Highway planning and development is an intricate, highly involved process during which must take a number of factors into consideration during the creation of a plan for new roadways. One of the most important aspects to be considered is the impact that any new development will have on the environment. This must be studied and…

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Construction, Maintenance and Management

Even though the techniques for constructing highways have kept evolving because of technology advancement and the complexity of the highway, one thing has remained unchanged. Before any highway construction, there should a well taken survey and a good subgrade preparation. In highway construction, there is always a big difference in highway construction between urban areas…

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Highway Designs

There are several designs for highways and roadways. These designs require a lot of engineering as there are many factors that are considered in the design of highways. The most important fact considered is the expected average speed of the vehicles that will be passing through the highways. In other words, there are different types…

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