Three-Phase Traffic Theory

The three-phase traffic theory was developed in the late 90s and overtook the existing theory which had only two phases. The older model considered free flow and congested to be the only two states that traffic could have. The three-phase model adds a very important intermediate phase called synchronized flow and renames the last phase…

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Basics of Highway Traffic Analyses

Once the work of gathering data regarding road usage has been done the monumental task of analyzing it begins. In order to make sense of the numbers highway engineers will employ a number of different analytic methods to determine the needs of the community and what the best construction methods and design for a highway…

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Collecting and Analyzing Travel Data

The first step of any major public works projects, especially highways, is the collection and analysis of data. How this information is gathered and analyzed are hot topics and there are a wide variety of tools that highway planners have at their disposal to collect the information they need. Another issue arises when the question…

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