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National Board News
National board members met for a regular board meeting on June 10, 2001, at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, in Champion, Pennsylvania. National President Cooper Curtis presided over the meeting. The following are highlights of the committee reports and board actions:

There was an increase of 23 members since the April board meeting, as reported by Secretary Conner. Total membership in ASHE now stands at 5,353.

President's Report:
President Curtis thanked immediate past president, Dominic Piccolomini for a wonderful year as the ASHE president. He recognized Piccolomini's home Section, Southwest Penn, for hosting an outstanding conference and their hospitality. Curtis also welcomed two new National Board members' present- Mark Welker, Region 5 and Richard Prentice for Region 6.

This year President Curtis announced a stretch goal of 50% new ASHE members. Sections will be encouraged to get every member involved in new member recruitment.

New Sections:
Director Tracy Hill provided a draft copy of the PowerPoint presentation to be used for promoting ASHE and new section start ups. He asked the board for comments and additional highway industry photos.

Director Hill also reported that a follow up organizational meeting would take place in Wheeling, West Virginia on June 21, 2001, with nearly 50 people registered to attend.

Some ASHE informational materials were sent to a contact in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Also, conference guest, Ken Harris of Austin, Texas attended a portion of the board meeting with an interest in starting a section in Texas.

Conference Committee:
Conference 2002: Director Stuttler reported that the conference will be held in Erie, Pennsylvania, June 5 through 9, 2002 at the Avalon Hotel. The conference web site is being developed and sponsored by McCormick Taylor & Associates and is currently linked to the ASHE National web page. The October 5, 2001, national board meeting will be held at the site of the 2002 conference. Their theme is "An Intermodal ExpERIEnce".

Conference 2003: Second Vice President David Jones reported that Cuyahoga Valley Section will be the lead section hosting a Regional Conference at the Akron Hilton in mid May, 2003.

Web Site Committee:
David Jones reported that web traffic is up over the past year having 5621 hits for May 2001 versus 4359 for March 2000. Pending goals of the committee include loading and maintaining the "Section's Operating Manual" and to promote vendor links at an annual subscription cost of $200.

Technical & SCANNER:
Treasurer Robert Yeager reported that many members are not receiving their SCANNER newsletter. There have been many attempts between Wanner Associates and Secretary Conner to verify names on the roster that for the most part are recorded. The Membership Committee will be tasked with further investigating shortfalls in the system. All members are reminded that the process for reporting member and address changes is to notify their Section of changes. The Section Secretary is then responsible for reporting to the National Secretary all changes on a timely basis.

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