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National Board News

National board members met for a regular board meeting on April 27, 2001, at the Sheraton Baltimore North, in Towson, Maryland. National President Domenic Piccolomini presided over the meeting. The following are highlights of the committee reports and board actions:

There is an increase of 194 members since the January 2001 meeting, President Piccolomini reported. Total membership in ASHE now stands at 5,330.

President's Report:

President Piccolomini attended ASHE section meetings and dinner events including Southwest Penn, Central Florida, and North Central West Virginia. He participated in the Board of Director's Meeting for Region 6 and attended the Delaware Valley regular dinner meeting. Annual Luncheon and board meeting held in Columbus, Ohio.

A highlight of Piccolomini's activities was his attendance at the Pennsylvania Transportation Industry Spring Conference held at Hershey, Pennsylvania on March 16, 2001. He represented ASHE in the unveiling of the new Pennsylvania Partnership for Highway Quality Vision and Mission statements and participated in the signing of the rededication.

New Sections:

Director Tracy Hill reported that a meeting is scheduled in Wheeling, West Virginia on May 9, 2001, with several local people who are interested in chartering a new section. President Piccolomini and Kevin Duris of the New Section's Committee will represent ASHE.

Director Ron Purvis will be working on a new marketing brochure this year in addition to compiling a PowerPoint presentation to aid in the start-up of new sections.

Conference Committee:
Conference 2001: President Piccolomini noted that registration packages were mailed to all members in mid April, also additional information is available on the ASHE web page at "". Attendance is expected at 550 with many pleasurable spouse trips, an excellent technical program, and plenty of fellowship opportunities for all.

Conference 2002: Director Stuttler reported that plans are progressing well to host the conference in Erie, Pennsylvania with an "Intermodal" theme. The Board was invited to hold the October meeting at the Avalon Hotel in Erie in support of the upcoming conference.

Conference 2003: Director Hochevar reported that Region 1 went through a selection process to determine the best suited section to host the conference with Cuyahoga Section being selected. This will be a Regional Conference that will be held in the Akron, Ohio area.

Technical & SCANNER:
Director Peda reported that the Winter issue provided notice of the new advertising rates and that a new "Ad Rate Mailer" and contract was being printed for distribution to the Sections by the next Board meeting. This was a record 22-page format thanks to the support of the Sections and advertisers.

Web Site Committee:
Director Peda reported that the updated ASHE web page was released on April 20, 2001 having a very expanded format. Work is in progress to add the "Section's Operating Manual" and the "ASHE Strategic Plan". Also, the Harrisburg and Carolina Triangle Section web pages were approved by the Web Site Committee and linked to the ASHE page. Come visit our new look at "".

Society History:
Steve Lester provided a draft "ASHE History" document that was compiled by his committee composed of several ASHE National Past Presidents. The Board was asked to provide comments by the summer conference and any member is invited to provide photographs of our past events to add value to this fine document.

Goals of this committee are to distribute two books to each Section and to put portions of it on the ASHE web site. Publication is scheduled for fall 2001.

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