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National Board News

National board members met for a regular board meeting on June 9, 2002 at the Avalon Hotel in Erie, Pennsylvania. National President Sandra Ivory presided over the meeting. The following are highlights of the committee reports and board actions.

Secretary's Report
Membership has increased 129 since the March board meeting, as reported by Secretary Conner. Total membership in ASHE now stands at 5,559.

The post office returned 78 SCANNERs from the last mailing. Sections are being notified of incorrect addresses so that they can update the national address listing. Any members with a change of address must report new addresses to their Section Secretary for forwarding to National.

President's Report
President Sandy Ivory thanked Conference Co-chairs Bill Petit and Shirley Stuttler for hosting an excellent Conference 2002. She also acknowledged all of the hard work of the entire conference committee.

Continuing Education Credits
Pat Dougherty reported on ASHE's standing with IASCET with regard to accreditation of CEUs. ASHE will begin the process of submitting an application to IASCET for review and approval to issue certified CEUs for all ASHE-sponsored training. A formal process must be in place for recordkeeping and to provide access to records for students within six weeks of a request. Sections or Regions sponsoring training will complete the necessary application forms, and ASHE will be responsible for recordkeeping for at least seven years. Director Richard Prentice will maintain the records and will work toward an electronic system with appropriate security measures in place for members to check on the status of their own CEUs with ASHE. In the interim, ASHE may issue CEUs; however, they will not be recognized by IASCET.

New Sections
Director Ron Purvis reported on an organizational meeting held in Charleston, West Virginia in May of this year, also attended by Charlie Flowe, Dave Jones, and Cooper Curtis. Approximately 35 interested individuals are likely to charter a new section in the fall of 2002.

Conference Committee
The board discussed several considerations for review by the National Conference Committee. President Ivory recommended that a board meeting be held at the site of future conferences before the contract is signed to ensure the adequacy of the facilities. The committee will revisit the guidelines for distribution of conference profits, Robert E. Pearson Person of the Year expenses, and location of the summer board meeting.

Conference 2003: Regional Conference Chair, Mike Cleary reviewed the conference itinerary beginning with Golf Tournament and Ice Breaker Reception on Thursday, May 29, 2003; Technical Sessions, Past President's Luncheon, Spouse Tours, and evening Host Reception/Cocktail Party on Friday; leisure activities, President's Reception, Annual Banquet, and Off-Broadway Magical Production on Saturday; and National Board Meeting on Sunday.

Conference 2004: Director Steven Tidwell reported that Region 9 signed a letter of intent with the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida. The dates are June 9 through 12, 2004.

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