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ASHE Core Groups Organized
By Ron Purvis, Chair, New Sections Committee
Proposed New Sections In New York, Nashville, Minneapolis, Charleston and Columbia.

Activities are currently in progress to charter new ASHE sections in New York City; Nashville, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Charleston, WV; or Columbia, SC. Your National Board - New Sections Committee is currently identifying individuals to form a core group of locals in each area. Does your organization have a branch office or do you have professional acquaintances in, or near, these locations? Your help in recruiting core group members is needed.

The sooner ASHE grows into a national organization with sections throughout the US, the sooner we can provide a significant positive influence in national transportation issues. Sustained growth requires chartering new sections. New sections are established by current members working with a local core group from the new section location. When at least 35 charter members are identified they are eligible to become an official ASHE Section.

As you know, ASHE is a volunteer organization. There is no paid staff working behind the scenes promoting the establishment of new sections. The National Board, New Sections Committee consists of 4 national board members who meet quarterly and respond to inquiries from individuals interested in having a new section in their locality. New Sections Committee members travel to the new location and meet with the core group. The purpose of the meetings is to promote the benefits of membership and provide the necessary information to establish a section.

Increased ASHE influence in formulating national transportation policy is important to keep our industry, our localities, and our country moving forward. . There is no limit to the opportunities for expansion of this worthwhile organization. Each local member should consider themselves a member of the New Sections Committee. Each existing ASHE Section is challenged by your National Board to identify a location and help us charter a New Section.

Your help is also needed to recruit core group members in the locations identified above. Please contact your National Director with names of local candidates. You may also contact the chair of the New Sections Committee- Ron Purvis (703-378-0321 or Ron is also available to answer any questions regarding new section start-up. Thanks for your support.

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