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Help Start New Sections
Ron Purvis, Chair New Sections Committee

National highway policy is of great importance to our membership. Increased influence in policy formulation is an ASHE goal. Our new strategic plan identifies geographical growth as a major priority in improving national recognition and influence. Geographical growth requires the chartering of new sections. Ideally, this expansion would occur in states along the perimeter of existing section boundaries. However, if there is sufficient interest new sections may be chartered anywhere.

Our organization has traditionally expanded as members move to a location without a section. Interest in a new section is also stimulated by “word-of-mouth” between branch offices and other highway contacts. We recognize the value of our organization for professional growth and networking. There is no quicker way to integrate into a local highway community than involvement in chartering a new section.

Your National Board is available to help with new section start-up. The first step is to identify a local champion or champions who will contact and help organize charter members. The National Board is available to work with the local champion(s) to organize and lead a start-up meeting.

High priority new section start-up locations include: Columbia, SC; Nashville, TN; Southern Florida; Boston, MA; NYC, NY; Charleston, WV; and Texas The key part of the process is identifying a local person interested in helping at these, or other, locations.. We need your help in identifying potential candidates. Please contact your National Director with suggested locations and a name of a local candidate to help. National will take it from there unless you choose to remain involved. You may also contact the chair of the New Sections Committee- Ron Purvis (703-378-0321 or ). Ron is also available to answer any questions regarding new section start-up. Thanks for your support.

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