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National Board News

National board members met for a regular board meeting on October 25, 2003, at the Hilton Hotel in Christiana, Delaware. National President David W. Jones, P.E. presided over the meeting. The following are highlights of the committee reports and board actions:

Secretary’s Report:
There was a decrease of 138 members since the June board meeting, as reported by Secretary Conner. Total ASHE membership stands at 5,400, representing 34 local sections.

President’s Report:

President Jones had attended the Triko Valley Section Meeting on September 30, 2003, and provided opening remarks at the Region 6 Seminar at the College of New Jersey on October 21, 2003. This very successful Seminar was attended by over 300. He is scheduled to attend many Section Dinner Meetings and Recognition Banquets throughout the coming year.

Legislative Review:
Director Perry Schweiss discussed how to expand the committee’s involvement and effectiveness outside the board. Sections are encouraged to support local, state and federal transportation organizations to increase their effectiveness in promoting the interests of the highway industry. Currently many sections are active in organizations that monitor and provide support to legislative activities at these levels of government. It was noted that ASHE National also provides up to $500 per year, per Region for society exposure.

Director Schweiss noted that on September 30, 2003, President Bush signed a 5-month extension of the nation’s surface transportation law (TEA-21). This extension takes place beginning October 31, 2003 and will expire on February 29, 2004. The extension law provides $14.4 billion for five months of spending on highway programs at a rate of $33.8 billion compared to $31.6 that was provided in FY 03.

Public Relations/Membership Committee:
Director Steven Tidwell reported on the Committee’s goal to develop a list of ten ideas for a marketing plan and ten ideas on increased membership. The committee discussed the two ASHE display booths that are made available for use through Wanner Associates, and will look into updating the booths and the ASHE Sections/Regions Map. Also, the committee will finalize a “standardized” version of the ASHE crest and develop an ASHE logo that includes the crest. Tidwell passed around a 1 ½” ASHE crest that the Tampa Bay Section developed for the plaques that they use to recognize sponsors. The committee will develop a one page “shopping list” for the website to order ASHE materials.

Conference Committee:
Director Robert Hochevar provided a report on the Conference 2003 profits and provided a check for the ASHE National distribution.

Director Steven Tidwell reported that the Conference 2004 Website is linked to the ASHE National home page and an article on the conference will be included in the Fall SCANNER.

Director Perry Schweiss reported that the conference committee for Conference 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA is considering having educational seminars/technical sessions on Thursday to entice early participation.

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s):
Director Richard Prentice reported that an IACET reviewer performed a rather detailed site visit to determine ASHE’s compliance with IACET’s standards and to examine the processes that ASHE put in place to administer and issue IACET CEU’s. By letter dated October 17, 2003, ASHE was approved and will receive its certificates.

Director Prentice petitioned the board and was approved to begin executing a training plan to visit all 9 regions by June 2004. Sections will coordinate the issuance of CEU’s with the National CEU Committee and will receive an electronic version of the certificates for distribution.

Strategic Plan / Operations Oversight:
Past President Charles Flowe conducted a special meeting on October 24, 2003 to review and finalize the “2003 – 2006 American Society of Highway Engineers, Strategic Plan”. The board adopted the strategic plan at the October 25, 2003 board meeting and will post it on the National website. The board discussed establishing a set of measures that will be reviewed at each meeting to ensure the timely delivery of action items. President Jones thanked Charlie Flowe for his efforts in completing the plan along with the assistance of the entire board.

Website Committee:
Directors Robert Hochevar and Robert Peda discussed progress that was made in providing a way for consultants, contractors and suppliers to advertise and/or place a link to their companies on the ASHE National Website. Procedures are being finalized with Wanner Associates and an annual advertising rate of $200 per year was established. A separate web page will be created along with instructions for new firms to advertise. So far three companies requested to participate.

Director Hochevar reported that the website was updated for current National Officers and Section Secretaries; several updates to the Section Operating Manual were completed; and, a link from the home page was provided to the ASHE Conference 2004, ASHE Region 6 Technical Workshop and the International Conference on Highway Pavements. So far, twelve section websites are linked to the National website, as follows: Lake Erie, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Altoona, Williamsport, First State, Potomac, Chesapeake, Old Dominion, Carolina Piedmont, Carolina Triangle, and Gold Coast. Also, the Region 6 website is linked.

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