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President's Thank You

I want to thank all of the ASHE membership for your support and help during my term as President. What a wonderful experience …all the new friendships…great visits with many of you…new ideas for ASHE.

This year we have looked into the future and saw a need to refocus and redirect our energies to make ASHE the vibrant, professional National organization all of you expect. We are attempting to do this by reexamining our Strategic Plan in order to give a clear and defined direction to our organization.

We have identified the need to focus on establishing New Sections and growing our existing Sections with new members. The New Section Committee has reworked the New Section Startup Procedures so that a clearer understanding of the guidelines is available to the New Sections committee members and potential leaders of New Sections.

Another direction for our attention deals with our image and our need to be nationally recognized and respected as a force in the highway industry. Many of you have expressed an interest in having ASHE’s voice heard on highway concerns at the Federal and State levels. The National Board members, with the help of Section leaders, are exploring possible contacts at all levels of government so we do have our ideas, comments and recommendations as part of the record.

As I have visited the numerous Section and Regional events this year, I have been so impressed with the people I have met. I want to say a special thank-you to all the Section and Region officers, as well as the National Board officers, for all your time on behalf of ASHE. The time, your free time in many cases, that you give to ASHE and ASHE functions, is inspiring.

Such talented, enthusiastic and dedicated folks we have in our organization – I am so proud to be part of ASHE.

Thank you all again.

Sandy Ivory

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