The American Society of Highway Engineers(ASHE)

What are we?
ASHE is an Organization Designed for Everyone Involved in the Highway Industry – DOTs, Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants

We Are a Grass Roots Organization

Sections Located Nationwide With Over 5,000 Members

Drawing Our Strength From Our Local Section

Our Vision:
To Provide Leadership and Innovation to the Highway Industry Ensuring Mobility for the Future.

Our Mission:

To Provide a Forum for Members and Partners of the Highway Industry That Supports Education, Innovation, and Fellowship; Promoting a Safe and Efficient Highway System for Mobility Now and in the Future.

Our Values:
People: We value and respect people from all areas of the highway industry.

Quality and Innovation: We encourage quality and innovation in highways by providing education and participating in technology transfer.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves responsibly and honestly

Fellowship: We value the opportunity to interact with our members and partners.

Who Can Belong?
EVERYONE involved in the highway industry is qualified to join

Degree or PE License NOT REQUIRED for membership

Members Include:

  • Federal, State and Local DOT Staff
  • Public Works Staff
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Engineering Students

ANNUAL DUES Are Very Reasonable

Locally Based Meetings:

  • Respected speakers on noteworthy highway topics
  • Opportunities to network with a broad spectrum of highway professionals

Quarterly Newsletter “The SCANNER”

  • Technical Articles
  • National and Section News

Visit us at:

National Conference

  • Held Annually
  • Technical, Networking and Social Opportunities
  • Locations Vary

All New Members Receive a Lapel Pin and a Certificate of Membership

Most importantly ASHE provides the most broad-based, inclusive organization for people involved in the highway and transportation industry.

Broad Based...
Because our members are involved in all areas of the highway industry:

  • Planning
  • Constructing
  • Inspecting
  • Owning
  • Maintaining
  • Designing
  • Supplying
  • Managing
  • Operating

Because our membership is not restricted to P.E’s, but includes all people who provide the support for our highway system.

This Provides Opportunities For:

  • Technical Growth
  • Business Networking
  • Broadening your understanding of all phases of the highway industry
  • Fellowship

How To Start A Section?
It’s Easy...

How to Start a Section:

Step 1: Identify a core group of 5-10 with interest in highways and/or ASHE

Step 2: Set up a complimentary luncheon meeting – someone from the National Board will attend and discuss the benefits...

Step 3: Contact all potential members and get them to complete application – minimum of 35 persons needed (100 preferred)

Step 4: Identify first years officers and board members Draft constitution and by laws.

Step 5: Hold charter meeting – The national president will swear in officers and present the Charter Certificate and a Section Banner

Guidance Is Provided in the Section Operating Manual That We Provide

Our New Sections committee will provide additional guidance and advice

So What Are You Waiting For?
Help Start A Section of ASHE In Your Community!

You Will Find It...

  • Affordable
  • Grassroots oriented
  • Focused on issues that affect people in the highway industry

An Opportunity to Improve Networking and Fellowship Among the Highway Industry in Your Area ---- Are You Ready to Start?

Contact us at: