Introduction: Why are Highways So Important?

Highways play an important role in making travel easier and more expedient. This is of great assistance whether traveling for work or play as well as travel involving transporting goods. The highway system connects large metropolises and rural communities across the country. Highway systems have made expansion possible, provided a convenient means to travel for more lucrative career opportunities, and allowed businesses to expand and grow nationwide.

Highway transportation is especially important when it comes to the economy. A large number of companies and corporations rely on the expedience of delivery of their goods and/or services over the road in order to compete in the fast-paced business world. Highways provide the quickest route from Point A to Point B, meaning that those who must use this method of delivery will need to utilize the fastest and most direct means of road travel. This is where the highway system becomes very important. Since time equals money the shortest, most direct route will prove to be the most lucrative.

The Many Benefits of a Good Highway System

Our highways also contribute greatly to social growth and relations. Families are able to visit one another more easily & frequently, go on special trips and vacations, and travel for reasons other than work-related activities. Trips taken via highway mean less time spent on the road and more time spent enjoying more fun activities with family and friends. In fact, there are some locations (usually more rural ones) that are only accessible via highway between smaller rural routes and country backroads. Thanks to the highway system, nearly any location in the country is accessible by a route connected to the highway.

A good highway system is essential for successful growth and development in any country. There was a time when even emergency services were unavailable to those who lived in more outlying areas because there simply were no decent roads. A heavy rainstorm or a few inches of snow could cost people living off of dirt roads their lives in an emergency situation. Thanks to modern highways, there is hardly any place that is not accessible today. People who were for all intents and purposes cut off from just about everywhere are no longer isolated and are able to reach places like grocery stores, doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc., as well as going from place to place to visit. Highways play a major part in the growth and development of countries all over the world.

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